Yellow rain coat

I know what you’re thinking–two posts in two days?? A new record for Our Lil Blue House.

Today was a beautiful sunny fall day and we went at it on the house painting–we’re now about 90% finished! In addition to the siding and trim, we took a stab at painting the front door. This is fun part, where a home’s true personality is revealed–in my humble opinion.

What color to pick? I had my little heart set on a classic red front door for some time now. Alas, our new next door neighbors beat us to the punch (by the way, we have new next door neighbors. They are lovely people). Unfortunately, we felt our houses were too similar, especially for such a tiny street, and we didn’t want to appear to be copy cats. Red is out for now. We decided to go with yellow instead–spunky sunny yellow. A twist on traditional without being totally off the wall. Very Bernard Zove.

After trying two swatches this morning, we chose Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Rain Coat, a bright golden hue. The result? Well, at first we felt a little shocked by this strange new creature. It certainly provides a pop. Too poppy though? We weren’t sure at first. We took a car trip after painting the first coat and our first view of the new house front from down the road shocked us a bit.


But as we mellowed out, the sun set a little, and Brendan painted the thick trim on the front of our house with the blue paint that we used elsewhere, it seemed to calm a bit. Now we’re still getting used to it a little, but we think we’re starting to fall for it. What do you think?

Yellow front door blue house