Painted black

We’ve moved on to fun-with-paint with the interior of the house, now that the exterior is finished! One can of glossy black paint has taken us pretty far with some small but dramatic upgrades to our entry/living room. I read a quote from some designer in the last small spaces issue of House Beautiful–this guy, whose name I can’t recall–says that painting an interior door black was one of the quickest easiest and space saving ways to add some “sass” to a small space. I’ve seen this look a lot lately and decided the back of our front door could benefit from some drama.

Black door

But it didn’t stop there! We had a fruitful week of curbside and garage sale finds. A sad looking pair of these chairs was waiting on the curb 2 sundays ago, looking for a home.

Wood chair before

This guy also got the sassy black paint treatment, and is now sitting pretty as an accent chair in our living room.

I was looking for a chair this size for this spot in the living room for quite some time, so this was a satisfying find. This isn’t the final view for this chair–I am hoping to make a seat cushion for it or get a different throw. Maybe we will come back from our upcoming trip to Peru with some interesting textiles?

In another bit of luck, I came across this slightly beat up mirror at a yard sale last week.  I had also been on the lookout for a larger mirror to go over the console table in our “entryway”. The one we had previously was just way too small proportionally.

The  mirror didn’t end up getting a coat of black paint–that could have been overkill. Instead, it got a coat of bronze metallic paint, which went on easily and helped cover up the scratches and chips in the frame. The  bronze helps give this space a little more warmth I think.

One last thing! Back to black–our stair railing also got a coat of the shiny stuff. This is also a new popular trend that I’ve noticed, the black railing. Kind of helps tie it all together. I know, I know, we are missing a baluster in this scene. just ignore.

Much better! Amazing what a can of paint can do… Do we really have that many jackets for just 2 people?!