Happy new year!

2014 has started off with a nice and easy work week–a good 10-12″ of snow meant early dismissal yesterday and no work today. Therefore, I’m taking the opportunity to update the long-ignored blog!

Snow day

Snow day

The blog has not been ignored for lack of house progress. In fact, we’ve been busy with a lot of updates since we came back from our trip to Peru in October, which is where we left off. We had the best vacation ever, and came back to our house 10 days later with a whole new appreciation for it! It was nice to feel like we were coming back to our everyday lives with fresh eyes.

One of the things we learned to appreciate was the comforts of flushing toilet paper–a non option in much of South America. Coincidentally, about a month after we returned, our old pedestal sink broke, which led to a 3/4 bathroom renovation. Once Brendan took out the old sink to replace it, he surmised that it was time to do something about our old, crumbling tile floor as well. And while we were at it, we decided that we would replace the toilet with a fancy new dual flush. Because while your at it, why not right? Had a realized that we would be without a toilet for 2 days in our 1-BA house, I might not have agreed to that statement initially. But ignorance can be useful sometimes. After a few days of inconvenience, we ended up with a beautifully retiled floor, a new sink, faucet, toilet, and new storage units. Brendan did all of the work himself, and as usual, i was very impressed! We also switched the paint color in the bathroom. We had previously painted the wood paneled walls with a dark charcoal gray. Being partial to dramatic colors, I thought it looked great with our “vintage” black and white mosaic tile floor. It was a huge transformation at the time. Now, with our new light marbled tile, a brighter, softer neutral felt like it belonged more.  you’ve waited long enough–here is the end result


My favorite part is our new pedestal sink and faucet

Before and after

Before and after

It feels much lighter and more open now, especially without the large, wide vanity to the right of the sink. We’ve replaced that with the smaller, chrome and glass tower and a large, tall white cabinet. I am so very happy and grateful to have our bathroom back!

We also updated our front door since I last posted to the blog–there was some offline, heated debate about the color, with a lot of fans pulling for the yellow door. Alas, we couldn’t get comfortable with it. We painted the door and shutters a softer, more neutral brown color instead, and also added a storm door.


A little hard to see the door, but you get the whole picture, here with the snow softening our winter yard. Here’s a close up with our new wreath as well.


Thats it for now, but you can be sure that there are many house update resolutions to come in the new year!


Better in beige?

After all my talk about our move to a yellow front door, we started to backpedal a little. Is this color just too bright?

Yellow door

Maybe we don’t have the chutzpah to go yellow after all. Or maybe we have too much sense–after seeing the overall effect we it seems like a calmer beige or stony gray might complement rather than compete with our blue siding.

We are planning on living with it a little longer to see how it it sets in. In the mean time, I took to Photoshop to help visualize what a more neutral color door would do for the front of our home.

Squint a little and compare these:


What do you think? I always thought beige was boring, but in the context of our little blue house I’m thinking it might be in order.