Chez Bernard

What have we been up to over the last month or so? It’s been a while since we had a chance to update on here…summer weekends booked up fast and left us with not much time to work on house projects that we had planned. Brendan is still diligently working on painting our house (we ended up going with Wharf View) and it is going slowly but surely and looking pretty cute.

a few other small updates have included painting the brick and tile surround of our fireplace.


Brick fireplace before

I used heat-resistant black paint on the brass trim of the fire doors, then primed and painted the brick and tile using leftover dark gray paint from our bathroom.


Primed fireplace

Painting brick has become a little “controversial” in the home improvement world, as some consider the irreversible act sacrilegious, similar to painting over wood. In our case, the brick wasn’t that nice looking and I couldn’t see us wanting to go back to it in the future. I think some day we will change the surround and mantle altogether and tile over/cover with marble or something like that. So I was comfortable with going down this painted brick road. The result is a much more contemporary looking fireplace in our living room:

Living room

Before and after view


We also added a giant chalkboard to one wall in our dining room–giving a kind of bistro look that is both decorative and functional.

We made this by painting a large square of chalkboard paint that we had right onto the wall, and then surrounding with pieces of molding at we had leftover. we used decorative finished corners to make it easier to put together. All in all it cost us about $11 and was a fun weekend project.

We plan to use if for lists, calendar dates, notes to each other, etc. when we have parties or people over for dinner we can use to display our dinner/drinks menu. Bien sur!