Vote for our small, cool kitchen!

Lately, I’ve entered us into a few home contests – partially as a way to motivate wrapping up some little projects. One of these included The Kitchn’s annual Small Cool Kitchen Contest (for kitchens under 120 square feet). At 90 square feet, we were easily eligible to enter into this weight class. I just got word that we’ve made it into the contest and our entry is now up on The Kitchn’s site! Anyone can “favorite” any of the kitchens in the contest (and as many as you’d like to vote for). You can see our entry here. Voting is going on until August 6!

The Kitchn contest

Below is the before/after photo that I submitted for the contest. The kitchen overall hasn’t changed too much since the last photos I posted on this site (although these are a little more styled and were taken with my good camera).

We did add a new pendant light over the sink, and hung a new “curtain” over the sink. The curtain is really just a tea towel, draped over the plain white roller shade that came with the house. We don’t really need to be able to lower it, so this is purely decorative, and adds helps to add a little color to the room. We’ll probably seek out something more permanent at some point, but I think it works for now.


Check out our entry and the others on The Kitchn – there are some beautiful, small kitchens on there! And of course, we’d love your vote 🙂

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