Mission accomplished: Housewarming

Our absence of blog posts for the last few weeks has not been due to a lack of house progress–we have just been too crazy busy to stop and take any pictures! This past weekend marked our first official housewarming party–we had about 30 friends over, most of whom had never seen our house before. The party gave us a hard deadline for getting our projects finished and having the place look as good as possible.

We also had a contractor install our new, glass sliding door in the dining room–it looks amazing! Several people commented that it “looked like it had always been there” because it is such a natural spot to have door. Brendan built some temporary stairs that we had up just for the party, so people could move freely in and out of the house. Here she is:

View to our backyard!

View to our backyard!

Brendan worked like a mad man to put up the molding around the doorway and paint the wall after the contractors were done. He was a home-reno all-star! He also put up molding around the door headers between our living room/dining room and kitchen, giving it a much more finished look

photo (4)

And speaking of the kitchen, it is finally “finished” (for now!) with the beadboard painted, a new ceiling fan installed, and our shelves and Ikea-organizers in place

Remember when the kitchen ceiling looked like this?


Not anymore:

photo (8)

Pretty good, right? In keeping with each of our own strengths, I was working more on adding some finishing touches around the house, including some wall decor.

To cover up our ugly old doorbell, I made this quick piece of “artwork,” a photo transfer on canvas, and hung up a few other pieces around it to make a little gallery wall in the space between our dining room/hallway

The guest room was updated with this nautical map that I got at a flea market and mounted on foam board, and Brendan build a little desk into our window dormer nook:


Last, but not least, in a stroke of good luck we found some battered outdoor chairs on trash day that were in pretty good shape but in need of some love. They are Crate & Barrel chairs, and probably made of teak. After sanding, staining, and getting some new seat cushions, they made a perfect addition to our backyard, just in time for entertaining:

After all our last minute work, hosting a big party on Saturday, plus a family BBQ on Sunday, we are pretty darn tired now. We are taking a mini-break before the next big projects–exterior painting and patio building!

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