Weekend of the Kitchen, part 1

This weekend was all about tackling the kitchen. But first – our new piano!



Looks pretty nice, right? Between the movers and the tuner, who is coming next week, it’s about as “free” as a free puppy…but it was still a pretty good deal and Im very happy to have it in our house. It’s got a little wear and tear but it fits perfectly in our study and I think it looks nice overall. Check out the cleaning job I did on the funky keys it came with…nothing a little Magic Eraser couldn’t fix:

And onto the kitchen

Brendan’s uncle, Jerry, is a contractor and he came over this weekend to help us with cutting and installing our butcher block countertops and our new farmhouse sink. It is looking awesome I think. He is coming back to help install our new dishwasher, cut out a piece of the counter for our stovetop, and hook up the sink. We should have a real live functioning kitchen by next weekend, when our refrigerator arrives. Here’s what it looks like so far:

I also started to go about giving our cabinets a fresh coat of white paint. We took down the doors, took off the medieval-looking hinges and pulls; I filled in the holes with some putty and a coat of oil-based Rustoleum paint, which I read can give a nice finish without having to prime and sand and all that. I hate prep work and would much rather jump to the fun stuff, so this “lazy man’s” method for the cabinets sounded good. So far, the paint is delivering. It’s a little messy and more work to clean up but the oil-based paint seems to be doing a good job. Are they perfect? No! Do we care? Not really! With some new hardware, I think they will look just fine. Some day we’ll do a bigger renovation and get new ones anyway. Here they are with coat number one:


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